A New, Sustainably Minded, Black Womxn Owned Wine Company

🌏 Based in Aotearoa New Zealand | 🍇 First Crush Vintage 2022

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Diana and Frank With Let's do Something Crazy Thought Bubble and Glasses of Sparkling Wine

Hey, We're Diana and Frank!

We're two nerds from the Midwest who somehow found our way into the wine industry. Over time, we began to realize that something was seriously wrong.

Wine was super interesting, but most people talking about it were boring and, shall we say, a bit snobby about it all?

And that just ain’t us….

So, we created Responsible Hedonist to make some tasty wine, answer your wine questions along the way (yes even that one), and of course, have some fun.

Diana and Frank Laughing with glasses of sparkling wine

Diana + Frank

Two midwesterners just tryin’ to change the wine world and leave the planet better than they found it.

Diana and Frank in Responsible Hedonist hoodies with their tongues out playfully

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We’re starting a wine company from scratch!!
We’ve got a lot of heart, a ton of knowledge, and the right mix of passion and insanity to pull this off. What we haven’t got is lotto money or a trust fund. So check out our shop or support us on Patreon.

Responsbile Hedonist Logo Blue Octopus with lone wine glass

Responsible Hedonist

Responsible Hedonist…isn’t that a little long for a name?
Yes, but when it’s your life philosophy you make exceptions.

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